Display Public Holidays on your iPhone

One of the major omissions for the iPhone is the lack of Public Holidays being displayed in Calendar when you’ve set your region… I don’t understand why this isn’t part and parcel of the regional settings that the iPhone has – but there’s a way around it!

Google provide a calendar of UK Public Holidays & it’s free!

  • Go to settings on your iPhone / iPad
  • Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Choose Add Account
  • Choose Other
  • Add a ‘Subscribed Calendar’

Put all of the following in the server box on a single line;

If you’re reading this on your iPhone, tap and hold on this link and choose copy to save typing!

Funnily enough, if you’re using Outlook – you can also add this. Create a subscription to an internet calendar using the address above, but replace http with webcal.