New site for Christian Louboutin

So it looks as if Christian Louboutin has finally got around to launching their own UK transactional site, and what a site it is!


It’s their first venture in to direct selling from the fashion house that seems to be initially, a response to all of the counterfeit sites that are popping up on the web, deeper in, it’s part of a more comprehensive digital intiative. It contains a comprehensive product catalog with all mens and womenswear from the SS12 collection. A number of limited collections are also housed online.

When initially loaded up, you are able to select your country (no auto-detecting of your country as yet) and then the option to just shop or browse the corporate site.

What is clearly the focus here is the product and the product photography works as hard as it can in order to provide the Louboutin experience that comes with paying over £500 for a pair of shoes.


The use of full bleed images acting as the background for the site means that, although loading times are impacted somewhat, everything has been designed and has not been left to chance. When you’re on a product, the designer of that product has picked a location shot that inspired them for that piece from the collection. Although a site optimisers worst nightmare with different backgrounds on every single item, the site optimisation and speed has been traded off against the importance of reflecting the brands core values. Luxury fashion.

What perhaps is the most important thing to note on this site is the way you can browse through the products. You’re given the option to change the size of the product thumbnails by using a slider at the top of the site. If YOU want to buy a shoe from Christian, YOU should be able to see it any way you want to.

It’s also interesting to note how the product has been categorised – you’re able to refine by colour, heel height (ranging from flat to sky high) and size. No chance of being able to sort by price on this website


On the site, it also allows you to have style advice provided to you from a key stylist via social spaces (Facebook, twitter etc). The site makes many promises, including the offer of pre-ordering online from the AW 2012 collection before the stock hits the shops, a personalised wish list which is updated from the Louboutin iPhone App and many more yet to be announced!

Head over and have a look now


(edit – looks as if the site is running on the Magento platform)