The Author

Ok. This domain finally came available – so I thought I’d better get on it. If anything, I’d have an awesome email address. I’ve started a few blogs before – but lost interest pretty quickly. I’m hoping that this one is different in so far as, I keep up with it.

This section is about me, so I’ll try and write something about me. That’s vaguely interesting. Currently, I’m recovering after going for a run – I’m training for the Portsmouth Great South Run at the moment. I’ve also had a friendly email reminding me it is ONLY A MONTH away. I’m slightly concerned by this fact. Anyway. Digressing from the point totally. I’m 25 and a Senior Web Developer and Designer for a well known clothes retailer. I enjoy what I do most of the time.

When I’m not at work, I’m usually going running, checking out some movie at the cinema, drinking in Hitchin or down in Portsmouth attending a dubstep night. It’s really nice down there and to be honest – it feels like a second home.

That’s about it from me.